Stove Repair in Edmonton

Get the best Stove repair in Edmonton, Alberta

Our specialist appliance repair professionals are experts in all kinds of gas and electric stove and range repair. We have repair experience of about all brands of electric and gas stove in use in Edmonton. We are just at one phone call away to give you the best stove repair in Edmonton, Alberta.

We work out of mobile repair vehicles which we keep completely stocked with all sorts of spare parts for replacing the most likely variety and stove basics that generally break down. This includes heating elements, thermostats, timers, digital control panels, switches and several other parts.

Stove repair edmonton

To enable us to repair your stove on our initial call out visit, please be certain to give us the complete information about the brand of your stove when you contact us online or book your repair. This way we will be able to bring extra spare parts with us.

An urgent stove repair is required in case of following issues

  • Pilot light is not properly burning or is not burning as brightly as it should
  • Gas outlet holes may be clogged that will result in a complete blockage of gas
  • Flints can be cracked or broken
  • Electrical switches are not functioning as they should
  • Digital touchpad is not operating properly

There is many to be said for keeping your stove and range in complete running order and avoiding sudden break-down shocks. So why not book a regular maintenance and service appointment today? It could save you time, capital and other preventable problem. For any kind of stove repair in Edmonton Call us at 780-496-7710.

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